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About Me Then

Texas bread and one of the last unicorns in Austin. I started dabbling with photography in high school and formed a senior + engagements + family business. It wasn't until after college I decided to take the training wheels off and nose dive into photography full time. & here we are.

About Us Now

The Kayla Company as you know it is now a Fashion + Product + Wedding brand. I have spent the last 2 years cultivating my craft to be the best it can be and constantly challenging myself to push past the boundaries of what I am comfortable with in order to give you the best content available.

Around Here...

We believe in being your true self

We prioritize mental health first + healthy balances

We want EVERYONE to feel welcome

We want to break stereotypes + challenge eachother

Well known local Austin, Texas photographer who specializes in Fashion + Product + Wedding photography. Self taught from the creative side of photography all the way to running her own LLC business. Kayla would rather attempt to make her dreams of being a photographer a reality instead of working to make someone else's come true. Not only is she a photographer, she is highly creative and can create any concept you desire. Reach out and see what magic she can create for you and your company!

Hello, I am the face behind the camera!

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